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Yuan Li Was Ranked 10th on the List of Chinese Charitable Celebrities of 2015

Yuan Li Was Ranked 10th on the List of Chinese Charitable Celebrities of 2015

Yuan Li Yuan Li(Charity Festival of Responsible China)
ByRev. Wang Jun February 06, 2016
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Launched by Chinese Philanthropists, the List of Chinese Charitable Celebrities of 2015 was announced. Yuan Li, a Chinese Christian actress was ranked 10th on the list due to her public welfare program. 

As one of the three most important annual lists announced by Chinese Philanthropists, the list aimed to make an annual evaluation of public figures' performance in charity, including actors & actresses, artists, sportsmen & sportswomen, hosts & hostesses and writers who acquired market returns by popularity and influence. Based on the combination of quantitative and qualitative evaluation, comprehensive evaluation was applied to score candidates in four aspects, i.e. annual personal donation, annual personal indirect collection, personal public welfare participation and personal influence on public welfare. During the process of evaluation, quantitative indexes were ranked according to objective data directly while qualitative indexes were ranked by advisors according to a qualitative index standard, then the final scores were worked out based on certain weighting and the top 30 charitable celebrities were elected finally. 

An advisory group comprising experts and scholars in the field of public welfare and charity was invited by Chinese Philanthropists to evaluate the candidates' performance in public welfare and charity in the past year. The result has been released in the form of a ranking list as follows:

Chinese Philanthropists has expressed that since celebrities' fame come from society, it should be naturally used for society, and making charitable contributions is the most direct and proper method for rewarding society. 

Translated By: Jasmine HE

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