The Secret life of Pets Released in Chinese Cinemas

the Secret Life of Pets
the Secret Life of Pets (photo: Douban)
By Alice WangAugust 2nd, 2016

The Secret Life of Pets is released in Chinese cinemas on Aug 2. It has been a huge it since its Hollywood debut on July 8.

As of July 24, the said animal movie has grossed about $260 million at the US box office, according to China Daily.

How is this movie so successful? Reports say that the success is not only the result of its intriguing premise, but also of its anthropomorphic approach, which endows animals with human-like qualities.

As we can see, this year talking animals have been especially active on screen. If look at box office chats, you’ll find that, of the top 12 biggest films so far in the US, half of them have featured talking animals, such as Disney’s The Jungle Book and Zootopia, Fox’s Kung Fu Panda 3 and Sony’s The Angry Birds Movie.

There is insider saying that the reason why talking animal is that these cuddly creatures are serving as an antidote to dark times in the world. Quick-witted animals offer the concept that people understand, get and really like. These creatures are loved by people.

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