Gospel Movie Review of Pharaoh and the Gods: Nobody Can Be against God

The sun shines upon the water.
The sun shines upon the water.
By CCD contributor: Tian LuJune 24th, 2020

A film entitled Pharaoh and the Gods was released some years ago. There are some discrepancies with the biblical account, but this type of film is rather rare.

The film described Moses's situation in Egypt, but as his real identity of a Hebrew was exposed, he was exiled and almost killed by the Pharaoh. He fled to the wilderness where he encountered a Midian priest, married one of the daughters, and gave birth to two sons. As the years passed, Moses was inspired by the Holy Spirit to talk with God and realized that his mission was to save the enslaved and miserable Jewish people. With the help of divine power, Moses organized the Jewish people against the Egyptians and they turned to God.

God sent ten plagues on Egypt, which included turning water into blood, plagues of frogs, lice, locusts, hail, diseases, sores, darkness, and finally, the eldest son in each Egyptian family was killed. Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses II consulted with his false gods and discussed things with the ministers but did not agree with the Israelis to let them go. But through the power of God, the Egyptian Pharaoh promised to let the Israelites go.

Moses led 400,000 Hebrews out of Egypt, leaving the city of oppressors and disasters, and on the way to the land of Canaan which was promised by God. In the process, Pharaoh chased the Israelis with an army of 4,000 soldiers and a thousand carriages in an attempt to keep the Israelis in slavery. But Moses was guided by God and walked the rugged mountain road, so that the soldiers were blocked. After Moses and the Hebrews crossed the Red Sea, the soldiers were swallowed by the sea.

This movie was magnificent, and truly reproduced the scenes of the ten plagues and the soldiers swallowed by the sea. The power of God’s work made Moses into a faithful leader, and the Jewish people followed Moses on the road of faith. Not human power, but the power from God inspired people's longing and faithfulness to God.

Today, everyone knows the historical facts of Exodus from the biblical record. But by watching the movie, we can understand the social background and historical progress at that time, and understand that Moses was chosen by God. In fact, salvation was not only for himself but also for the Jewish nation.

When we understand the content of the New Testament, we realize that God alternately chose Israel to become the elected and children of God. The spread of the gospel to the Gentiles proves that God loves Israel and all humanity. God’s work has been in existence since ancient times, and today He is still sovereign. He chooses the vessels that are suitable for His plan and that will glorify Him.

This film takes us into a distant era. Egypt in 1300 BC was the most developed country at that time, but when God extended his mercy to his chosen people, they were able to leave a tragic situation and triumph over their enemies. They were saved from slavery without blood and sacrifice.

Without His power, this could not have happened. The Egyptian soldiers were strong and not easily defeated, with strong bows and sharp weapons. But the end of man was the beginning of God’s work. The victory of the war was bound to be God. God simply wanted the Israelis to kneel and serve Him, and the Egyptians to raise their eyes and look up to Him, for He is the only true God. He engulfed the Egyptian soldiers with sea water, proof that God saved Israel. It was not human power but God's mighty act.

In the history of mankind, victory without war is the best way. God has surpassed everything created, and His wisdom cannot be measured. When we understand the power of God, we know that we should grasp the present and try our best. Trusting and obeying the Lord is the only way for us to be saved and overcome.

- Translated by Elaina Wu

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