Original Hymn 'I DO CARE' Launched When People Say 'I Don't Care'

Female believer Lin Ruiqi and a boy playing guitar
Female believer Lin Ruiqi and a boy playing guitar (photo: Gospeltimes.cn)
By Grace ZhiNovember 18th, 2021

An original hymn "I DO CARE" was released to spread the message that God takes care of every broken heart and lost soul.

On November 12, Jubilee World China, a Christian music ministry, released the song to tell a completely different world about God, while people appreciated the attitude of "I don't care" which seemed to be free and easy.

The song was written, composed, and sung by a female Christian named Lin Ruiqi. She told that in the autumn of 2020, she took the subway home and felt very tired, so she opened her mobile phone to read a spiritual book and prayed to God. After getting off the subway, she rode home on a shared bicycle, hearing the lyrics "I don't care" in a song from a pedestrian.

She thought because modern people didn’t know God and how important loving and caring for each other were, they often regarded "I don't care" as a cool and free attitude. However, in God’s heart, the human world shouldn't be like that, as he cared for every broken heart and every lost soul.

Lin said, "When Jesus lived in the world, he cared about sick and poor people, and even with deep love approached tax collectors and prostitutes who were despised by others. He showed us how to treat them in a real life."

Moved by this, she blurted out the lyrics. While singing, she returned home to record it, completing this work with other believers in the music ministry.

Below are the lyrics of the song "I DO CARE":

When stars are in the sky

When the sun goes down

My LORD said I'm here I'm here

When poor people cry

In the dark cold night

My LORD said I care I care


I care for all the broken hearts and lost souls


I care for all the lives on the earth

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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