Christian Celebrity Jing Chang Says One Who Controls Temper is Better than One Who Takes a City

Jing Chang
Jing Chang (photo: Jing Chang)
By Phoebe Zhou June 17th, 2020

On June 12, Christian celebrity Jing Chang shared that the way to handle our emotions is to learn how to control them rather than let them control us.  

On Sina Microblog, Chang added that every struggle, joy, pain, and thrill we experience is significant and challenges our ability to control our emotions. To control one’s temper is better than “to take a city.” 

She said that a few days ago, she got in a taxi, but the driver became angry because of the position of the destination on the map. Although it was not her problem, she calmed him down by chatting with him. She even said that she was sorry for the issue. 

“It reminds me that I have often been in situations where I need to control my emotional highs and repress strong feelings. Sometimes my emotions become sharp like a thorn because they have been pent up for a long period of time. If we don’t express our emotions and find ways to vent, then we may accidentally bump into someone who will feel the force of our pent-up emotions and hard feelings may form. Then there came more trash receivers around us and they seemed very unfortunate.”

“We should be slow to become angry and speak. Don’t let the sun go down while you are still angry and sin in your anger. To express yourself at the right time benefits yourself and others as well.”

Her message resonated with many people.

A fan commented, “Yes, it’s a kind of suffering when my emotions are repressed. In addition, I harm innocent people when my emotions spill over after I have reached a breaking point.”

- Translated by Karen Luo

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