Christian Singer G.E.M.: 'If You Think without Limits, Life Will have No Limits'

G.E.M. (photo:  G.E.M.)
By Li ChunOctober 8th, 2021

Christian artist Gloria Tang Tsz-Kei, known as G.E.M., stated on social media how she conquered fear.

On Sept 24, G.E.M. said in a video, "When I experienced being criticized by others, I asked myself why I was so afraid of being misunderstood. Then I felt that I should go to challenge the things I feared most in my life. After finishing the challenge, I wasn’t afraid of anything else. So, I went to parachute at a height of 16,500 feet on my birthday.  At that moment, I felt that I was free and there was nothing to restrain me. I was criticized by others in 2014 when I was really scolded for no reason. I’m a confident person, but my self-worth at that time was extremely low. Now I still have different fears occasionally, but they definitely can't control me anymore."

She also wrote, "I am afraid of heights, but I once bungee jumped and then parachuted. Fear is an invisible wall, which will bind you if you don't break through it. But you will find that it can’t affect you when you break through it. If you think without limits, your life will have no limits."

Fans left messages to encourage each other,

"Lack of confidence is an invisible wall which I want to break through."

"When you are in trouble and want to give up, please remember that G.E.M. tells you not to give up!"

"Life has no limit; the future has no boundaries."

"No vulnerability, no silence, no compromise, no retreat, no panic, no despair, no arrogance, no surrender. "

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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