Christian Celebrity Will Liu’s Marriage Testimony

A picture shows Will Liu and Vivi Wang talking in an event held by Taiwan ASAA (Arise and Shine Artists Association) at an unknown date.
A picture shows Will Liu and Vivi Wang talking in an event held by Taiwan ASAA (Arise and Shine Artists Association) at an unknown date. (photo: screenshot)
By Li ChunJune 15th, 2022

As the saying goes, "Marriage is the grave of love". But is it really so?

As the world increasingly develops, reports tell us that the marriage rate is gradually decreasing, while the divorce rate is gradually increasing. We advocate for freedom in marriage and choose not to make sacrifices in a marriage, but we also lose the most basic aspects of marriage, namely love and affection.

In sharing, Christian celebrity Will Liu mentioned that "Love is very important in marriage."

Before marriage, the Taiwanese singer, dancer and composer was a natural, handsome, talented man in good physical shape, and could easily attract women. Therefore, he had had relationships with many women, none of which lasted long. This made him doubt marriage, as he did not know whether or not to get married.

Vivi Wang, his present wife, grew up in a divorced family. The environment made the model feel that marriage was dispensable, that love would not last forever, and that there was no love that lasted a lifetime. "Anyway, you can get married and get divorced again. There's nothing to insist on a marriage." Therefore, she felt no need to be serious about the idea of marriage when a couple began to get to know each other. As soon as something went wrong, Vivi would choose to break up.

After two or three years, their relationship entered a make-or-break-it period and Liu wanted to leave to study in Vancouver. However, unexpectedly prior to his leaving, he went to a church. After that, his life changed.

"Through the teaching of the Bible and the help of the pastors, my concept of love began to change. I began to know myself in the process, and clearly realized how I should live. I needed to understand my calling and role. Otherwise, what was my reason for being in the world?" said Liu. 

Once, after listening to a recording of a program, he was involved in a serious car accident. He thought that if he had died, his life would be deemed empty. 

So, when he came to the church, he decided to "give my life to God, and let God teach me how to live and what is the value of life."

Vivi's biggest change happened after she came to the church and it was about changing her misconception about love.

First, God healed her concern about Will's past relationships. She revealed, "I used to quarrel a lot with him about his past. Who did you go out with?' I only knew about his previous love affairs after they were published in the news."

While in prayer, God asked her, "Which is more important, me or Will’s past?" It was the first time that she heard the voice of God. She replied respectfully, "Of course, you are more important. Who can be more important than God?!" Then God said, "From now on, you need to know me well." After that, Vivi decided to follow God and her concern for Will’s past has been taken away.

Secondly, God healed Vivi’s hurt from her own family. One time she attended a church lecture on marriage where everyone was very happy except her. In prayer she questioned God. "Why do you put so many people into happy families, while I suffer? I think you are an unjust God."

God said to her, "You can't decide who your parents are, but you can create your own future. As long as you follow me and continue to strive to know me, I will return a double happiness to you over what you have lost."

Vivi was immediately relieved, feeling that God was true and that He was real. She shared, "I am able to have a happy family now with three children. I feel that I am in a happy family, every day is like Canaan."

- Translated by Oliver Zuo

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