Jeremy Lin's Wife Quotes Galatians to Encourage Him in Basketball Match

A picture of the back of Christian basketball player Jeremy Lin
A picture of the back of Christian basketball player Jeremy Lin (photo: Jeremy Lin)
By Li ShiguangMarch 3rd, 2023

Jeremy Shu-How Lin, a Taiwanese-American basketball star, finally started his first basketball match on February 12 after joining the Kaohsiung 17LIVE Steelers of the Plus League.

In this match, the Kaohsiung 17LIVE Steelers defeated their opponent, the Formosa Taishin Dreamers, by a score of 95 to 80, ending their four-match losing streak.  Lin had 21 points, 6 rebounds, and 13 assists in this match.

Some fans asked Christian celebrity Lin after the match about his goal for this season. He said he would be very happy if the team’s record could be better than the previous one after his arrival.

He also revealed that, in fact, he was under great pressure and was once very nervous and anxious before playing in this game. His wife could tell he was worried, so she read Galatians 1:10 to him and asked, "Am I now trying to please people or God?" She said to him, “As long as you do your best on the court, he will know.”

Before halftime, Lin had 11 points and nine assists, and he did not forget to guide his teammates’ tactics during halftime.

Cheng Chih-Lung, head coach of the Kaohsiung 17LIVE Steelers, said that Lin played the role of point guard competently, connecting the formation of players on the field to help defend opponents and making team players think about “Which teammate is most likely to score?” instead of “Can I score now?”

Lin also said that his basketball career had not gone well in the last three or four years. But after coming to Taiwan, he was very moved by the cheers and enthusiasm of fans on the court. He hoped to have a good season, playing for God instead of basketball itself.

- Translated by Stephen Huang

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