Pastor Andrew Chai’s Cartoons for Christian Faith

The difference between knowledge and wisdom
1/10The difference between knowledge and wisdom (photo: Rev. Andrew Chai)
Where is faith?
2/10Where is faith?(photo: Rev. Andrew Chai)
The change that we really need
3/10The change that we really need(photo: Rev. Andrew Chai)
The significance of difficulty
4/10The significance of difficulty(photo: Rev. Andrew Chai)
Are you evangelizing ot enticing?
5/10Are you evangelizing ot enticing?(photo: Rev. Andrew Chai)
The distinction between hypocrisy and humility
6/10The distinction between hypocrisy and humility(photo: Rev. Andrew Chai)
How do we block God's blessing?
7/10How do we block God's blessing?(photo: Rev. Andrew Chai)
The distinction between "dream" and "vision"
8/10The distinction between "dream" and "vision"(photo: Rev. Andrew Chai)
The greatest blessing
9/10The greatest blessing(photo: Rev. Andrew Chai)
Superstition vs. godly
10/10Superstition vs. godly(photo: Issachar Li)
By Issachar LiApril 19th, 2016

Editor's Note: Pastor Andrew Chai keeps conveying Christian faith via cartoons. He tries to draw marvellous pictures on paper by pen and ink to express Christian faith and answer real questions about Christians' life, a wonderful experience that cartoons, a form of art, bring to us. Now let's enjoy some of his recent works below:


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