Christian G.E.M. Turns 30, Thanked God for Meeting People Who Walk with Her

G.E.M. or Gloria Tang Tsz-Kei held a cake in her 30th birthday party on August 16, 2021.
G.E.M. or Gloria Tang Tsz-Kei held a cake in her 30th birthday party on August 16, 2021. (photo: G.E.M. )
By Li ChunAugust 25th, 2021

On August 16, 2021, Christian artist G.E.M. posted on social media that she was turning 30 and moving into another phase of her life, with thanks to God.

The Hong Kong singer said, “Today I turned thirty, finally stepping into another stage of life. I was told that the more people see the face of reality, the harder their hearts will be. Coming a long way, I feel it's actually the other way around: the more you see the reality, the softer your heart will become. You start to realize that in this cold, fast-paced world, how precious it is to have someone who really loves and cares about you; how rare it is to have someone who is willing to stop and accompany you. Even if you may have been out of touch for a long time, when a short message is sent from afar today, the simple but sincere wishes can make your tired life so warm." 

“Being thirty years old traditionally means that a person has been able to establish stable values by this point in his or her life.  Today I still feel that life is so difficult, yet I am still so lucky. The more heartbreak I endure, the more that I appreciate what I currently have, the people I have a genuine connection with, my health, my time, my opportunities, my faith... Everything, the more I experience, the more I am grateful,” she added.

“Life is a journey upon which you find more and more about the true destination. I'm not sure where the real destination is for me, but right now I'm really thankful that God has allowed me to meet such wonderful people to walk with! Finally, I want to say to the strong yet fragile, sensible yet emotional little girl who lives in my heart: Happy birthday Deng Shiying, your new page has begun! Fly bravely and freely! There is no limit to the sky! P.S. I have a feeling that the next album is going to be amazing! ” she concluded. 

Fans left messages wishing her: 

“Happy birthday!!! Your future life will definitely get more and more exciting!” 

“Keep going without forgetting why you started, happy birthday!”

“The sky has no limits, your future is boundless...” 

 - Translated by Elle Wang

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