Chilean Priest Expelled by the Pope After Involvement in Child Sex Abuse Case

Chile (photo: Pixabay)
By Mei ManuelSeptember 16th, 2018

On Saturday, Chilean media reported that Pope Francis expelled a Chilean priest who is currently under investigation for his involvement in a child sexual abuse case.

According to the Archdiocese of Santiago in his statement in El Mercurio, Pope Francis had decided to defrock Reverend Cristian Precht who was the former head of the Chilean Church's Vicariate of Solidarity.

Precht is well-known in Chile for his work for the vicariate, but, he was accused of sexual abuse after allegations against members of the Marist Brothers religious community. Precht had previously denied the charges against hiim.

Pope Francis' decision to expel the priest comes after the Chilean police's raid in some of the church offices in the country as they try to hunt more evidences against Chilean priests who were involved with these cases.

The issue about church sexual abuse cases has been plaging the Catholic Church since the issue in Chile had broke out. Aside from Chile, the United States, Australia, Ireland and Germany are also reporting cases of church sexual abuse cases.

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