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Jeremy Lin Encourages People to Achieve Small Goals

Jeremy Lin Encourages People to Achieve Small Goals

Jeremy Lin and his mother Jeremy Lin and his mother(Jeremy Lin)
ByChristine Lau July 06, 2021
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Jeremy Lin encouraged people to set a small goal and strive to achieve it

On his Twitter-like Sina Weibo last Tuesday through his mother’s story of exercising, Lin, the first American-born player of Chinese descent in the NBA, encouraged fans to achieve small goals and find others who could make progress together with them in order to encourage each other.

His post read, "My mother has never exercised or even sweated since college. I could hardly believe my ears when she recently said that she wanted to start exercising. Together, she and I set a goal of completing 20 minutes of Zumba training every day.

"We started with five minutes on the first night and then added one minute each night thereafter. Today, we have practiced for nine minutes, on our way to 20 minutes.

"No matter where you are today, starting with small things, step by step, you could relentlessly grasp every day. Besides setting small goals and focusing on every step, you can find those who are advancing with you and inspire them in your efforts.

"Remember, it doesn't matter where you are today. After setting a good goal, you should make every effort to achieve it. Embarking on the journey is victory while walking on the arena is a success! "

Fans left their messages:

"Do everything small, step by step."

"My biggest shortcoming is lack of self-discipline. Seeing your persistence day after day, I will strive with you to do what I like."

"Come on, Mama Lin! What an inspirational family!"

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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