Teaching About the Rule of Law Through Songs - Hugh Wetmore

Worship conversation with Hugh Wetmore
Worship conversation with Hugh Wetmore (photo: Gateway News)
By Hugh G Wetmore July 26th, 2021

Those of us who live in South Africa are horrified, disgusted, perplexed or deeply concerned about the recent chaotic events that are destroying the fabric of our society. What began as a protest against ex-president Jacob Zuma’s 15-month imprisonment for contempt of the Constitutional Court has morphed into nationwide looting of 200 shopping malls, vandalism, destruction of other shops and warehouses, burning of delivery trucks and factories... Anarchy! The police and army seem powerless to stop it, though they claim it would have been worse if they had not been there. 

The root cause is not the protesters’ call for Zuma’s release. That is the excuse the looters and arsonists tell us. The real reason is “the secret power of lawlessness which is already at work”, the spirit of anti-Christ (2 Thessalonians 2:3,7). Contrary to the popular humanist idea that humans are born good and are influenced to do bad things, God’s diagnosis tells us that we are sinners from birth. “All have sinned” and that “no-one is righteous… no-one does good” - Romans 3:10-12,23. That explains why normally respectable people rampage, loot and destroy in such a lawless way. If the rule of law is not stopping them, they will break the law that is written in their consciences. So they “keep on doing what they do not want to do” - Romans 7:19.

Even rulers are not exempt from the tendency to lawlessness. So God told His prophet to explain to the people that their king was under the rule of law. This law was written down in a scroll because it was permanent. It must be kept with the ark of God’s covenant, for He would hold the king accountable to keep the Law (1 Samuel 10:25).

This is God’s Word. It must be taught through sermons and songs. If you cannot find a song that does this, here is one:

THE RULE OF LAW (1 Samuel 10:25)

God has placed our nation under
         The Rule of Law.
Let’s respect, in grateful wonder,
         The Rule of Law.

It is written in God’s scroll and
He wants this to be our goal, for
He is watching o’er the whole of
          The Rule of Law.

There are many still defying
       The Rule of Law.
Rulers, People still despising
       The Rule of Law.             

Self-enrichment drives the Greedy,
blinds them to the poor and needy
makes them think that they are free of
       The Rule of Law

Stubborn leaders who reject the
       Rule of the Law
lead their people to neglect
       The Rule of the Law.

Mobs go on a looting spree and
vandalize the shops who feed them
all because they do not heed
       The Rule of the Law.

This is something we’re all needing:
       The Rule of Law.
This protects all people freely:
       The Rule of Law.

Rulers and the common people
are protected from much evil
by the Law that sees all equal:
       The Rule of Law.

Originally from: Gateway News

CCD reprinted with permission. 

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