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Rev. Charissa Suli and Dr Deidre Palmer support #ThursdaysinBlack
Rev. Charissa Suli and Dr Deidre Palmer support #ThursdaysinBlack (photo: Uniting Church in Australia)
By Uniting Church in AustraliaSeptember 8th, 2021

The Ecumenical Women group based at the United Nations in New York has launched a "Thursdays in Black" Prayer Pledge campaign.

As part of the effort to increase the visibility of the campaign to end violence against women, they are inviting all their partners and their partners’ organizations to create a ‘tweet storm’ on social media on Thursday 20 August, using the hashtag #ThursdaysinBlack

The chaplain of the Church Center for the United Nations Rev. Dionne P. Bossiere says sexual and gender-based violence has been on the rise especially during the time of COVID19.

"As the Ecumenical Women at the United Nations coalition, we invite you to join us in this global campaign and in making the Thursdays In Black pledge," says Rev. Bossiere.

In a video released on YouTube, Rev. Bossiere says, "Join us and the global community to stand with victims and survivors calling for and working towards a world without rape and all forms of gender-based violence."

Supporters are asked to share video testimonies like these:

- Join me in making the Thursdays in Black pledge to work towards a world without rape and violence. #ThursdaysinBlack
- Join us in supporting the Thursdays in Black campaign by making the pledge. #ThursdaysinBlack
- Let us work towards a world without sexual and gender-based violence. Make the #ThursdaysinBlack pledge today.
- Sexual and gender-based violence has risen due to the COVID-19. Join me in working to end rape and violence. #ThursdaysinBlack

Supporters can write their own texts but should use the hashtag #ThursdaysinBlack somewhere in their posts. 

Assembly President Dr. Deidre Palmer has welcomed the new campaign.

"The Uniting Church is a passionate advocate of Thursdays in Black," said Dr. Palmer.

"We stand in solidarity with women who have experienced rape and violence."

"Violence against women is contrary to the will of God, and we pledge to be part of shaping attitudes and practices that promote gender equality and Jesus’ message of liberation, non-violence, justice, and inclusion.

"The Uniting Church is committed to living and shaping relationships of equality, mutuality, respect, and dignity for all people.

"We are committed to shaping communities, where women are free from violence, live in safety, and are able to flourish and grow into their fullest humanity."

Originally from Uniting Church in Australia

CCD reprinted with permission

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