Prime Minister Reassures FamilyVoice of Government’s Commitment to Religious Discrimination Bill

Greg Bondar
Greg Bondar
By Greg BondarMay 6th, 2022

FamilyVoice Australia welcomes the commitment from the Prime Minister for the Religious Discrimination Bill (RDB).

In a letter sent over the weekend to FamilyVoice spokesman Greg Bondar, the Prime Minister said:

‘If re-elected, we will pursue the passage of the Religious Discrimination Bill as stand-alone legislation in the next Parliament and will not accept any attempts to make changes to other laws that undermine protections for religious institutions. 

I want to assure you that guaranteeing that Australians are safe from discrimination on the basis of their faith remains a priority for me and my Government. I will also not allow this issue to be used by Labor and the Greens to undermine existing protections.’

“This commitment from the Prime Minister is most timely as Christians Australia-wide consider how to vote wisely in just a matter of weeks. The RDB is a fundamental need for the protection of freedom to practice religious beliefs without discrimination,” said Greg Bondar, a FamilyVoice spokesman.

FamilyVoice Australia continues to seek an open dialogue with the government’s Attorney-General and indeed all parties to ensure the protection of our freedom of speech and religion.


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