Disabled Pakistani Christian Seeks Support Through Donations, Job Opportunity

Pakistan (photo: Pixabay)
By Sarfraz SherazDecember 25th, 2023

Below is a request letter from a Pakistan Christian who suffers from rare paralysis due to a stroke in 2019. Attempting a suicide, Sarfraz Sheraz, 50, has been struggling with financial difficulties to support his three children and rented home. He kindly asks for donations and a job to continue his and his family's life. 

Dear brothers and sisters, 

I am Christian by birth, thanks to “Jesus Lord.".

When I got a stroke in 2019 and was diagnosed with rare paralysis, my medical team struggled to recover, but they told me there was no more chance for me to become a normal man. It was a totally life-changing time for me and my family. I was shocked because I am the only one supporting my family and fulfilling all their requirements and needs. I and my family are supposed to have no more life because my kids switched off from school. My family was determined to transform the trajectory of medical care for rare disease patients like me. Since 2019, we have been struggling and trying to fight with brutality. We had once tried suicide, but God saved us again some time later. We think about it, but fear of God is in our minds.

It is to state with much honor and respect that I need your kind help as I am a special person (handicapped); my left side had suffered a mild paralysis attack, and my left side arm was not working completely. Since the last four years, I have been struggling and fighting with my brutal circumstances. It’s very hard for me to fulfill all the requirements of living without any suitable funds. Moreover, I have three kids and rented a home here; my two younger kids are not going to school due to no fees. Sometimes I think about suicide, but fear of God is always in my mind and heart. I hope you understand my position.

With your donations, I am able to provide a better life for myself and my family with access to specialists, financial support, and other resources to aid in my diagnosis and care.

Help us and create more smiles for my kids and me.

If there is no possible help, please offer me any kind of job there. May you do me a favor and help me, for the time being, fulfill my living requirements here in Pakistan, as you know Christmas is ahead. I am fit for the job in all terms except the fact that I am a handicapped person, but I am able to do all my tasks by myself as only my left hand is in the working position. I pledge to you that my disability will not affect the job quality, as I am experienced and know all the pros and cons of this department.

I hope you understand my position; you might be feeling pain for me.

Kindly consider my application. Thank you, and I'm looking forward to your kind action.

“Helping one person might not change the whole world, but it could change the world for one person.”

I am waiting for your kind help and support.

Yours Truly,

Sarfraz Sheraz

Contact number: +92 332 9427289

WhatsApp: +92 332 9427289

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