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Christian Art Collection: "The Day is at Hand" by Dao Zi

  • The scene of “The Day is at Hand"/>
  • A picture of Daozi, a Christian artist
  • Ink wash painting 1
  • Ink wash painting 2
  • Ink wash painting 3
  • Ink wash painting 4
  • Ink wash painting 5
  • An audience looked at one of Daozi' ink paintings on April 3, 2021.
ByChristian Times June 09, 2021
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On April 3, “The Day is at Hand," a Christian exhibition of poetry, painting, and calligraphy works kicked off in Moganshan Road, Shanghai.

Daozi, a Christian poet, painter, and artist, shared the original intention of holding this exhibition that artists had three concerns in creation: the first was the concern for aesthetics, the second lied in the concern for the current era, society, and environment, while the third was an ultimate concern.

“There is no border for the pandemic, so is art. Therefore, some works of the past 10 years are selected this time, and I hope that they can comfort people and convey peace through art,” he added. 

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