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Chinese Christian Posters: Gospel Messages in the 20th Century

  • A Wealthy Youth
  • Beginning of the Holy Communion
  • Birth of Jesus
  • Are Members of the Church in Communion?
  • Celebrating Christmas Day
  • Children Praying
  • A New Outlook
  • Are Your Sin Covered?
  • Eradicate Warlords and Unite Guangdong
  • Going Forward Pictorial
  • Bread of Life
  • How to Kill Flies
  • Satan is Like a Lion
  • The Sacrament of Confession
  • The Seventh Commandment
ByCCD Editorial April 17, 2020
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Between 1927 and 1951 millions of Christian posters in Chinese styles entered the Chinese market to share Jesus and the Christian message. The Center for Global Christianity & Mission of Boston University, funded by the Henry Luce Foundation, has made those hundreds of rare images digitally accessible and searchable. You can have a glimpse of the complex political, social, economic, and religious landscape of China in the second quarter of the twentieth century through these fascinating posters. 

If you want to see more posters, please visit Chinese Christian Posters.




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