Monday, July 15th, 2024
Article by:Hu Jingyan

Testimony: God Healed My 15-Year Disease

“Thank God. If not by God’s grace, I would not dare to think my disease could be healed,” Bao says. In the past she was extremely careful not to drink cold water but now she can eat meat and is recovering from the disease she has suffered for 15 years.

Preacher’s Testimony: I Was Lost But Now I’m Found

Brother Han, 29 years old, serves in a church in Shanghai as a full-time preacher. Before being evangelized, as an undergraduate who had no direction or goal, Han was stuck with studying, knowing nothing about his future. He lived so casually and dully that he was despised by his relatives.He was in great pain.

How to balance the "obedience" relationship between leaders and followers?

A new believer in the church talked about how hard it was to balance the relationship with leaders in faith. On one hand, the church taught that he should be obedient and humble in the face of the leaders and on the other hand, the church mentioned that everyone in the Lord Jesus Christ was equal. "Now that everyone was equal, why should we follow leaders? " he said.
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