Sunday, July 21st, 2024
Article by:CCD contributor: Jonah

Gansu Pingliang Church Donates to Flood Relief

Recently, continuous heavy rains in Longnan City had caused natural disasters such as local mountain torrents, landslides, and mudslides.The churches in Gansu donated 12,008 yuan in total.

Chengdu Church Holds In-person Sunday Worship

The Gracious Light Church in China’s southwestern Chengdu held worship services from August 22 to 23, the weekend of the fourth week of August. It opened catechism classes after the worship services.

During Closure, Church Finds Back the Lost Sheep

Under the guidance of God, the churches in Fufeng County made contact with believers in various known or unknowns ways, and they returned to the online church praise group. For a small number of individual believers, Fufeng County church elder Fan Kexiao led some of the co-workers to make contact with them through door-to-door visits.

Baoji Dawning Church Holds Online Gathering on Mother’s Day

The maternal love was pure, strong and sacrificed. God's love was an unforgotten love and a redeemed love, and God is love. Maternal love is great, but the love of God is higher than maternal love and is the source of all love!Each of us should think about the greatness and heaviness of maternal love and cherish. And wish all mothers have peace and joy in Christ, full of blessings!

Baoji Shilipu Church Holds Online Sunday Service

Christians who believe in the Lord know that they have eternal life after death. Believing in the Lord and living by the flesh of the Lord in this world are actively preparing for eternal life in the future.
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