Tuesday, October 3rd, 2023
Testimonies is a unique column of China Christian Daily providing testimonies of Chinese Christians, ranging from church leaders to laypersons.

Story of an Old Faithful Pastor's Ministry

A retired elder preacher has been responsible for different churches in various places. He is a loyal servant with pure intentions, dedicating himself without seeking wealth or gain.

My Hallelujah Mother's Life

My mother has been dead for a month, but her words and deeds still come to mind from time to time. As she liked to praise the Lord in everything, I called her "Hallelujah mother".

Pentecost in China (2)

Balcombe brings us into the present by telling us about the Pentecostal church at the end of the Cultural Revolution and on through the years to its present situation.

Two Packs of Instant Noodles

A Christian woman faced disrespect from her boyfriend's non-Christian family, but she ultimately earned the respect of his mother, who came to approve of their relationship.

From Salesperson to Preacher: The Workplace as a Mission Field

Sister Yang, a full-time preacher who participated in the workplace preaching group in the church, shared her work experience and mentioned her views on workplace preaching, as well as examples of how to deal with workplace hidden rules and relationships with colleagues.
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