Vivian Chow Rolls out Charity Sales for Stray, Abandoned Animals

Hong Kong singer-actress Vivian Chow
Hong Kong singer-actress Vivian Chow (photo: Vivian Chow)
By Esther TianNovember 14th, 2022

With her new round of charity sales being started on November 4, Christian celebrity Vivian Chow called on more people to join the charity team since over the years she has made the promotion of social welfare a part of her career.

Vivian Chow posted information on China's Twitter Weibo, "Second-hand clothes will be launched tonight (Friday, November 4). I hope people can buy their favorite items this time. In addition to supporting me in public welfare, they can also respond to me and my partner, who has the idea of recycling fashion, and supporting the environment.”

"The new batch of more than 300 pieces of items includes casual clothes, evening wear, bags, shoes, scarves, as well as autographed out-of-print audio-visual products, photo albums, and books."

Mrs. Chow said, "Partner Starsquarehk Celebrity Second-hand Store, an agent of celebrity clothing, is an online and brick-and-mortar store that supports environmental protection, supports recycling fashion. Mrs. Vivian's proceeds this time will be donated to 'Lucky Dog House' and '' NPV Stray Animal Medical Fund' so that stray and abandoned animals can receive more care."

Chow, a Hong Kong female singer, actress, and host, started to attend church services in 2009 and was baptized on Easter 2010. She released her first gospel album "HIM" in 2014. 

Not only is she very successful in her acting career, but Chow is also very attentive in the field of charity, as she has participated in social welfare activities since 1993. She has traveled to many poor countries and regions and even lived in slums with other people. From Africa to the Mainland, from the elderly to children, Vivian has always shown her love and demonstrated her social responsibility as an artist with her actions. She called on more people to join the charity team, and over the years she has made the promotion of social welfare a part of her career.

She said that since she was an influential artist, she must exert her influence.

-Translated by Livingstones

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