Guangdong Centennial Church Launches 3 Training Courses

A group of people study the Bible.
A group of people study the Bible. (photo:
By Ai Mo October 11th, 2023

In October, a church situated in Guangdong Province in South China is commencing three training courses.

On October 8, Guangxiao Church in Guangzhou announced the launch of three training courses scheduled for October. These courses include "Church History in the World," "Tracing the Holy Sites: The Life of Jesus," and "The Authentic Experience of God in Faith and Life." Enrollment for the first course has already concluded.

Rev. Zhang Chengtao, vice president of Guangzhou Christian Council, and Rev. Pei Lianshan, director of the Research Department at the Guangdong Union Theological Seminary, will both co-teach this course. Registered participants have been reminded to attend the inaugural class on October 11.

The Bible study course entitled "Tracing the Holy Sites: The Life of Jesus" has been designed to aid believers in establishing a framework of faith. It will provide insights from three distinct perspectives: the biblical perspective, the historical background, and the historical perspective. This enlightening course is set to commence on October 17, with classes convening on Tuesday evenings. The instructors for this course are Rev. Zhang Chengtao and Pastor Zhou Donghua.

An associate pastor at Guangxiao Church named Chi Jianqing will teach the third course. Classes are scheduled to take place on Thursday evenings, beginning on October 19. The primary objective of this course is to empower believers with an understanding of God's purpose within their faith and daily lives, thereby enabling them to lead a spiritually enriched and fulfilling existence while walking with God each day.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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