Chinese Christian Merchant to Build a Bible-Cultural Theme Park in Canada by 2016

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By Li MeishanOctober 23rd, 2015

After a Bible-cultural theme park built in Shenyang, another Bible-cultural theme park will be done in Moose Jaw, a city in Canada at the end of 2016, Said Shenyang Christian merchant Sun Wenqing.

Until now, Sun has selected the park site and finished the plans. The first stage project is already nearing completion. It is estimated that the park will be open at the end of 2016.

Located in Moose Jaw, the park was once a cemetery, built over 50 years ago. Sun intended to buy it to deal with cemetery business but happened to know the name of the roads and figure statues were all from the Bible. This time he felt God's amazing guidance and plan so he decided to make it a "Bible-cultural theme park."

Sun hopes more visitors would know the gospel through Bible-based culture and information in the park, then they could join in the historical mission Chinese "feeding" back in North America and the Europe.

It is said the park building has set off from June and the construction began in early July this year.There are four stages in the park construction: the Tent of Meeting construction and the New Testament Theme, the Old Testament Theme and Carving 144,000 Names on Fences Project, Noah's Ark and the Rainbow and the last stage, the Internal Construction of Noah's Ark.

Among the four stages, it is worth mentioning Noah's Ark. Sun says building an ark with the same size written in the Bible is his dream. This time his dream is going to come true in this Canada theme park. The ark to be built will be 136 meters long, 23 meters wide and 13 meters high. According to the plan, the ark's inside is divided into three floors: the children's park on the first floor, the exhibition hall showing various animals on the second and high-tech cultural and entertainment district including 4D Gospel cinema on the thrid floor.

One highlight in the first stage project, one that Sun enjoys talking about, are the saint paintings. Sun introduces that these "saint paintings" are not drawn but the photos taken in which the professional western actors and actresses wear the costumes made by himself. The new idea not only saves the cost and time but also produces a better effect than drawn paintings.

"I'm moved greatly, feeling it's not us doing this work but God. After we made the costumes, what worried us was where to find the actor who will be playing Jesus, which is the most difficult. That time an American friend sent me a photo and said the man in the photo looked like Jesus. He is an American who teaches English in China and does charity work by adopting the disabled. God has prepared him although he not has been in China for that long. I feel grateful when mentioning this miracle."

Sun says the idea of building this Bible-cultural theme park got the approval and support of the Canada government, When it comes to the funds, Sun says, "It costs 200 million RMB to build an ark, that's  nearly 40 million CAD. We will do what it allows, but of course, it can be built quicker if there is more support in funds."

"Currently we are stuck with a visa dilemma, our seven co-workers in the first stage construction team encountered a  visa problem, so please pray for them." Sun urges.

Sun Wenqing, who was once a Buddhist, converted to Jesus Christ in 2009. When he was a Buddhist, he was addicted to drinking, gambling and opening bath center. When the Wenchuan Earthquake happened in 2008, he heard Christians went to help rescue and evacuate but no Buddhists went there, which shocked him. His friend preached to him and then he converted to Jesus. When he went to the church the first time, he heard, "No one can serve two masters. You cannot serve both God and Money." As a Buddhist who worshipped the idols and also loved this world, he felt shocked again. When he sang the hymn, "Gracious God, Our Father" with Christians, he burst into tears, feeling that God is so different and that he had found home.

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