British and Foreign Bible Society Visits Churches of Zhangjiajie, Hunan

BFBS (photo: Wechat of P. Chen Zhi)
By Deng JiaxinNovember 2nd, 2015

From Oct. 18 to 20, a mission of British and Foreign Bible Society(BFBS) which has more than ten people, visited several churches of Zhangjiajie in the accompany of Pastor Chen Zhi, President of CCC&TSPM, Hunan Province.

The delegation went to Zhangjiajie after visiting the Fellowship for the Deaf of Changsha South Church on Oct. 17. Then they visited the local CCC&TSPM, Yanghuping Church, Wulingyuen Scenic Church, Tudiyu Church and Bajia Village Church in the mountains. On a Sunday during the visiting period, the mission joined the choir.

According to the official website of Hunan CCC&TSPM, about the same time last year, a delegation of six of the United Bible Societies (UBS) visited Hunan churches and visited several churches in Yiyang and Zhangjiajie including Dayu Church of Zhangjiajie, accompanied by Rev. Chen Zhi.

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