Church Volunteers in Hunan Visit Leprosy Survivors

A female volunteer trimmed a leprosy survivor's nails on June 16, 2018.
A female volunteer trimmed a leprosy survivor's nails on June 16, 2018. (photo: Tang Xinyu)
By CCD contributor: Tang Jian June 22nd, 2018

Ten members of Hunan Lengshuitan Christian Church's volunteer team visited the leprosy rehabilitation village in Xianglingkou, Yangcundian to bring the holiday's greetings. It was their fourth visit.

The Lingkou Leprosy Village is located in the remote Siming Mountain, miles away from Yangcundian County. Most of the survivors were sent there for isolation in the 1960s, and the majority of them are in their 70s and 80s alone. All of them have been tortured by the disease, forced to separate from their children, or deserted by their families. Added to this was the even more insufferable discrimination and abandonment by society, which caused them both physical and mental devastation.

The visitors gave them daily necessities worthy of 3,600 yuan and made meals. Moreover, the volunteers measured their blood pressure, gave haircuts, manicures, and bound up their wounds. Their deeds were helpful to eliminate people's prejudice about and estrangement from the marginalized group.

Meanwhile, two sisters were brave to tie up their wounds and trim their nails, who were totally different from being fearful and trembling when they paid the first visit.  

- Translated by Karen Luo 

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