Shaanxi Church Holds Daily Prayer Meeting Online to Mark Holy Week

An elder of Baoji Dawning Church, Shaanxi preached in the Holy Week of 2019.
An elder of Baoji Dawning Church, Shaanxi preached in the Holy Week of 2019. (photo: Provided by Jonah Yang )
By CCD contributor: Jonah YangApril 9th, 2020

This year, due to the rampant spread of the new coronavirus in various countries in the world, and because physical gatherings at Christian churches within China continue to be suspended, Baoji Dawning Church is using the Internet platform to hold its "evening prayer meeting" every day during Passion Week.

On April 5th, Palm Sunday, Elder Yi Lianmei began with the greeting, "Dear brothers and sisters, peace". She then said that today we could greet each other, and have peace. This was a real blessing, because this peace comes from God. It was my Lord Jesus who was brought down on the cross for all the sins of humanity and brought us peace by sacrificing his life.

Next, there was a sermon from Elder Yi Lianmei. The churches collectively has called the first day of the last week of the Lord 's life "Glory Day". On this glorious day, Because it was Glory Day when she shared, she spoke that evening on the theme, "Glory into the Holy City".

The sermon, was followed by singing, praising, and prayer. During the subsequent 20 minutes, they sang three praise hymns in sequence. Of these, the believers sang the first song "I Will Be a Donkey Foal", first with the sisters singing, then the brothers singing, and lastly all together,  confessing that, "I am willing to be a donkey, and I will only be ridden by the Son of Man. I will humbly obey the Lord 's instructions and carefully tread everywhere. "

- Translated by Abigail Wu 

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