Commentary: I Am Starter of Fog And Haze

the heavy fog in Beijing CBD
the heavy fog in Beijing CBD (photo:
By CCD contributor: Kang XiaorongDecember 26th, 2016

Editor's Note: Everyone should be aware that we ourselves are the starters and victims of fog and haze. We shall repent and dedicate our own efforts to stop the disaster.

All kinds of news and comments diffuse on the internet just like the haze and fog. However, what surprised us most is that some Christians think they have no responsibility for the disaster. They think the guilt lies on the government, corrupt officials and evil capitalists. I only pray to God and hope him can absolve them of guilt.

Christians are no different from common people in the secular world. We should figure out the true essence of our faith. The Bible says that everyone is born a sinner. Jesus grants happiness to those who believe in him. Maybe some Christians have forgotten that although we are granted the happiness by God, we are still sinners.  They say they have no responsibility for haze and fog.

There are four main sources of haze: coal, industrial emissions, motor vehicles and dust. The photochemical reaction of haze is complex and additive affects are obvious. The dissipation capacity is weak. Over the years, maybe you haven't bought a new car or house. However, you must have taken a bus, swept your house and used heat radiators.  Every pot and electrical hardware in your house is contributing to haze and fog.

You can boast that God is blessing China and the nation is expected to become the largest economy worldwide. You can stand to talk without the waist aching.  You can say that fog and haze derive from people's heart. You can stand on the moral high ground and blame this ridiculous age, saying that no actions have been taken by the government. However, it is clearly written in the Bible that  God only gave those who have been saved by him the right to govern the world.

"All aspects of a country can be seen through its people," said Plato in Utopia. Some people think the mode of government decides the thoughts and behavior of people. Many people complain that the Cultural Revolution(formally known as the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, was a socio-political movement that took place in China from 1966 until 1976. Set into motion by Mao Zedong, the Chairman of the Communist Party of China.)  was the mistake of the government and Party. However, the whole nation was distorted at that time. A wife could expose her husband and a son could rebel against his father. What on earth did we believe in? "If we confess our sins, God  will forgive our sins and wash away all our unrighteousness because he is faithful and righteous."

Recently the incident of tearing down crosses happens everywhere in China. We only accuse those people of their salvation. However, have we really thought of our own mistake? Why are the neighbors so indifferent to this and think it was just a religious matter? If we really care about the neighbors at other times, our neighbors won't act like this.

Daniel prayed and said: "I speak and pray. I confess my sins and the sins of my people. I plead in front of God." (Daniel 9:20). According to some Christians, Daniel was not guilty since he was captured by a foreign country at an early age and grew up there. However, he clearly acknowledged his sin.

Likewise, Nehemiah used to pray: " I wish you could open your eyes and listen to your servants' repentance. We are all guilty, including my father and me." (Nehemiah 1: 6)

Some Christians say that we must pray for China when faced with haze and fog. However, it doesn't mean that we are standing on a moral highland.

"The son doesn't have to bear the sin of his father. Likewise, his father doesn't have the obligation to bear the sin of his son." (Ezekiel 18:20) The prophet Ezekiel made such a remark at that time. Shouldn't we repent ourselves, confess guilt and fulfill our responsibility.

The haze and fog are in the air, our mouths and lungs. Wiping out haze and fog is imminent. We should acknowledge our guilt, pay the price and make every effort.  People who seek justice will struggle and implement all the tasks. Moreover, Christians can pray to God. Let's form a green, environmentally friendly and simple way of life. We should take action to evangelize and let gospel promote the construction of our society.

Some people say that China is the world's manufacturing plant. We can't  change the situation or resort to industrial revolution. The main responsibility lies on the shoulder of the government. I  suggest Christians stopping spreading such words because the heart of King still lies in the hand of God.  People working in all walks of life are affected by the environment. Your heart and your behavior are also affecting people around you.

Let us listen to God's opinion when it comes to the problem of haze and fog. In the ninth chapter of the Gospel of Mark, Jesus said to Mark:"If you believe, nothing will be impossible." The father of the child cried out immediately:"I believe but I do not believe deeply enough. God help me, please!"

December 22, 2016, Chengdu

Translated by Emma Ma

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