Christian Singer A Duo: Jesus Saving Me is the Greatest Blessing

Christian singer A Duo
Christian singer A Duo
By Zoe Zhang July 7th, 2020

A Duo, a Christian singer who has been away from the stage for several years, has returned to visibility with a Chinese secular popular show. She is a Christian who was baptized in 2011.  

Below is a summary of her testimony given at an evangelistic meeting in 2016:

Let me first introduce myself. I’m an ethnic minority and Hunan is my ancestral home. You all know that I sang pop music and was known for dancing on the stage. However, I’m grateful that the God in the universe, the Lord who created the heaven and the earth, chose me when I felt the most insecure and was dying of illness. If God had not taken hold me, I would not be here. 

Actually every one of us feels empty inside and is insecure, no matter how rich, famous or powerful we are. I also felt the same. Though I achieved some small success in my career, I often felt insecure. I asked myself, what do I really want to hold onto in my life? Is it youth, my career, or the people around me? It seems that the more you want to grasp and hold onto something, the more powerless you feel.  

Until one day, I came to know the Lord, the Abba Father. After I knew him, I began to understand that no matter what I would become, I’m already the precious daughter of the God who created the heaven and the earth.  I was able to better understand myself. Many people around me think that “I don’t have this” or “I lack that”. About five years ago, I wrote a song named, There is no One Who Owns Nothing. As long as we are kind-hearted, righteous, and have warmth, family, love and can love others, we are rich people. 

Since childhood I have thought of myself as being very diligent. I’m the oldest child in my family and have a younger sister. I behaved like I was both a son and a daughter so I could prove that our family was not less just because we didn’t have a son. I wanted to be successful on my own. So I worked 15 hours a day for a long time. Sometimes I had my first meal after ten in the evening. I lived that kind of life for many years.  Later I did have some small success in my career, but my health broke down. I entered a confusing time when I began to ponder the meaning of life. Was the purpose of my life to have more money, to buy a bigger house, a car, or to compare the quality of my life with my neighbors? Is this what our life is supposed to be like?

But there must be significance for each of us who has come into the world. It’s like a car whose every part matters, such as the engine, the wiper, the rearview mirror, or the brake. None of these parts are useless.  If each of us has a destiny in the world—then who gives us the destiny? The destiny of a car is certainly given by its maker who knows how to best use the car. So we humans are the same. God, the creator, knows the significance of each of us in this world. 

Later I eventually find meaning for my life. It is that when I have strength, I can convey love. 

In your eyes, I may seem glamorous, not ugly, and good at singing and dancing, but I often feel inferior inside and from time to time I don’t know what my future will be. I believe you may feel the same—wherever  you are, you will be anxious about what your future holds. The One who creates us will arrange a beautiful life for you. When I remember this, I’m not stressed or confused about the future. Even if I leave the world someday, I will return to where the creator is, which is my real home. 

We can’t control the future; we will never know what will happen tomorrow, but we don’t need to be afraid of anything if we know there is a heavenly father who covers us. So I will sing a song named Return Home. He is calling all his children to return to God’s kingdom and love. 

Without God, I wouldn’t be here to see you today. I would be like a headless chicken who is flying around. Today we have many newcomers in the church. I truly tell you that I have received the greatest and best blessing: I’m God’s daughter. I claim that I can abandon everything in the world except that Jesus redeemed me. This is the best blessing. Only when you taste this by yourself can you know that it is true. 

I’m from an ethnic minority, so one of my burdens is to preach the gospel to every nationality. A Miao brother came with me today. He is an excellent musician. I learned to know him knew him when I was collecting folk songs on the spot. He was baptized the day before yesterday. Thanks be to God for choosing him. I believe God has a plan for him. 

Next I will sing the song entitled, Who Could Love Me like You. It is important to me because it is my first hymn. I went through brokenness after being chosen by God. I haven’t performed in the past years. This music evangelistic rally is dedicated as a firstfruit. I will return to the stage, but the first performance I devote to the church because I seek God’s kingdom and righteousness first.  The song says that whatever we are, as long as we want to return to God, only our God will open his arms to us unconditionally. 

- Translated by Karen Luo

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