2 Believers Preach Well Despite Little Education

A pastor blessed the congregation after a Christmas worship service in Fujian Theological Seminary in December 2021.
A pastor blessed the congregation after a Christmas worship service in Fujian Theological Seminary in December 2021. (photo: CCC&TSPM)
By Zuo PeiyouJanuary 19th, 2023

Each person can and should serve God, regardless of their educational background. Not highly educated, some people are capable preachers.

With primary education, a male staff member surnamed Lin has been ordained and promoted. His family all believe in the Lord, and he always went with them to worship God since childhood. However, he didn’t have true faith in the Lord until he grew up. Knowing God more deeply, he pursued God very much, attending training courses in the church and a one-year volunteer class at a local seminary.

Then he seized the opportunity to get a college education, with his preaching and teaching skills improving day by day. Becoming the backbone of Bible teachers in the local pastoral area, he often held training courses and retreats in many areas, loved and recognized by believers and church staff. People who didn't know him thought that he must have obtained a college diploma, but in fact, he just graduated from elementary school.

Another female believer with the surname Xu, who also has a primary school education, went to work in the pastoral area where Lin served. They know each other. Because the local church paid attention to preaching the gospel to nonlocals, she not only had the opportunity to hear God’s words but also received Bible knowledge and service training. During a few years, she earned money and became a believer nurtured by the church.

When she returned to her hometown with the burden of serving, she was very popular with believers in her hometown, as she was not only young but also preached well. More than that, she continued to attend several training courses for believers and a one-year volunteer class at the seminary.

As she learned while serving, she acquired preaching skills, which were better than that of some people with a high degree of education.

We find that some people with low academic qualifications always make extraordinary efforts to be a person of great ability the day after tomorrow. They participate in more gatherings, studying, and practicing, but are misunderstood by others and spend less time with family, earning less money. They become capable of serving Him through redoubled efforts, so we should also respect such people.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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