Christian Singer SiEn Shares Right Attitude Worshiper Cooperate With Others

A picture of gospel singer SiEn Vanessa on the stage
A picture of gospel singer SiEn Vanessa on the stage (photo:
By Esther TianMarch 14th, 2023

Gospel singer SiEn said on social media that there are differences between a common professional singer and a worshiper when it comes to teamwork.

SiEn Vanessa is a Taiwanese aboriginal singer, the lead vocalist of Joshua Band, and the head of the JD Crew. She released her debut album Unexpected in 2006 and participated in the MV recording of the China Olympic theme song Welcome to Beijing at Bird's Nest Stadium in 2008. Her representative works are Fashion Maker, I'll Love You Forever, and Seal of Peace.

“A common professional singer could choose the musicians to cooperate with, but a worshiper can worship God in any environment." SiEn shared it on Weibo, a Chinese social media platform, on March 9th.

She confessed the mistakes that she made when she was young: she once judged the artist’s vocal skills under the stage, which made her unable to concentrate on worship as an audience. “Our ears are always looking for others' imperfections, but what benefit could that bring, is it just to prove that you are better than others?" she reflected.

Throughout her worship journey, SiEn has worked with the world’s top musicians as well as people who can’t read the score and keep playing the wrong chords. She confessed that God has been challenging and training her to constantly “upgrade.” She is now able to worship without being affected by any distractions.

SiEn believes that every member of the worship team should have an attitude that on the one hand, they should keep seeking excellence and improving their musical skills; on the other hand, they need to challenge themselves to worship with anyone. To accomplish that, it is necessary to serve as one group with band members, and this is also a process of self-brokenness because our lives can only be molded and built through working with people.

She emphasized that when working with others, “You should see them better than yourself; be humble but don’t feel inferior.”

SiEn also encouraged many young worshipers who did not have much experience yet not to be anxious, for it is more important to be the person that God wants us to be. She hopes that “no matter how old we are, we will continue to cheer on this path of worship together.”

Followers commented, “Yes! Worship is connecting with God, heart to heart and soul to soul! Every serving position is a chance to discipline ourselves, even if it is as simple as the reception work.”

- Translated by Kristian Ran

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