Intercessor Says About Asbury Revival: Ongoing Work of Holy Spirit Is Gentle

A picture of Asbury Revival taking place in Wilmore, Kentucky, USA, from February 8 to 24, 2023
A picture of Asbury Revival taking place in Wilmore, Kentucky, USA, from February 8 to 24, 2023 (photo: Dan_Essis)
By Esther TianMarch 14th, 2023

Many Christians in China are paying attention to the "Asbury Revival."

Located in Wilmore, Kentucky, USA, Asbury University was established in 1890. Another revival movement broke out at the university in 1970, although it did not last as long as this time. Beginning with an ordinary prayer service on February 8, this revival movement lasted for 16 days, day and night, beyond anyone’s imagination, attracting many universities and people around the world.

The revival came without warning, simply because a small group of students remained in Hughes Auditorium after the service, and one student decided to reveal his sins to his fellow students. Then the continual repentance, praise, worship, testimony, and sharing began.

Xiaomi (pseudonym), a full-time staff member in a church in East China, recently shared her thoughts on Asbury Revival with the Christian Times, an online Chinese Christian newspaper.

Xiaomi often prays for the church and believers. She said, "there has been a great revival in Asbury recently. I saw on social media that many people who intended to experience the revival gathered in that small town. I even heard that all the people from one state flew there. I see in the movement that revival begins with repentance."

She stated that the quiet revival scene she saw online was very different from what she had imagined. People entered in a very orderly manner and then left quietly after worshiping. Without passionate sermons or a professional worship team, people shed tears and began to repent once they sat there.

"This is very different from regular gatherings, which contain sermons teaching us what to do and how to love and preach the gospel. I think that if there is no repentance, sermons won't make much sense. If people repent from the heart, they will change and be willing to serve. But it’s hard to teach repentance."

"Actually, the work of the Holy Spirit is gentle. When the truth comes in, Satan recedes. People will repent naturally when they feel God's presence," she added.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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