Sunday, February 25th, 2024
Article by:CCD contributor: Mu Sheng

Why Do I Not Give Likes to Trump?

Since Donald Trump, the most controversial president elected in the US history, moved officially into the White House, the rest of the world seemed to have been fixed on him. Various platforms share and interpret his policies so as to analyze the situation; there are also a lot of Christian public platforms.

Biggest Contradiction of Today’s Church in China

I hope every pastor will be willing to study both theology and the secular world. Nowadays the believers of the church are no longer the elderly. The quality and knowledge level of all citizens are improving. As a pastor, we also need to improve our professional knowledge so that we will be able to meet with the believers' real needs.

Inner Voice of a Grassroot Pastor: Is Pastor Like Little Match Girl?

Those who haven't served God may never know the difficulties of serving God especially in north China. I used to be confident that I could serve the church well, but now the road ahead seems to be more and more confusing. I gradually find that to serve God enthusiasm is not enough.
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