Thursday, February 29th, 2024

Though Authoritative, the Bible Can't Be Worshiped

Some believers consider the Bible to be divine words with magical powers. Therefore, in some zombie movies, scenes depict the Bible alongside Buddhist and Taoist artifacts during the exorcism of zombies. However, this is not only a scene seen in TV dramas but also occurs in real life.

Young Believers Need to Be Heard

Regardless of whether young people are believers or non-believers, they don't need high-and-mighty preaching and advice; they need listeners who can sit down to hear their stories and provide advice to address their anxieties.

A Brother's Letter From Shanghai Under Pandemic

The brother is really grateful to fellow believers from various cities for their concern and prayer. His community has been in lockdown for a month, but there is no shortage of daily food, as he has been cooking by himself for over 20 years. Besides cooking, he tried his best to reach neighbors with love and deeds.