FaithInvest Launches First Course on Faith-Consistent Investing Aimed at All Faith Groups

A poster of the Faithful Finance
A poster of the Faithful Finance (photo: Faithinvest)
By The FaithInvest TeamDecember 18th, 2023

There has been a huge growth of interest in faith-based investing1 in recent years as faith groups and individuals increasingly seek to reflect their values in their finances.  

Now international non-profit FaithInvest, has developed a ground-breaking course aimed at equipping participants with the basic knowledge and tools needed to align their investment policies and strategies with their deeply held faith values.

Only a tiny handful of courses on faith-based investing exist, mostly aimed at Christian individuals or finance professionals. Faithful Finance: An Introduction to Aligning your Investments with Faith Values is the first live-taught online course aimed specifically at faith-based organisations and suitable for all religious traditions. 

The course, which costs £295 per person, will be delivered in four dynamic and engaging 90-minute sessions, covering key topics such as:  

  • The foundational principles of faith-consistent investing (FCI), from concepts and strategies to the steps to begin or deepen your own FCI journey 
  • The role of faith-consistent investing in building a better world for people and planet 
  • The merits and challenges of empowering assets with purpose 
  • How to engage with financial intermediaries with clarity and confidence 

Mathew Jensen, CFA, FaithInvest's Director of FCI Programmes, said: 'Asking whether your money reflects your values is a really important question for faith organisations but addressing it can be a challenge.  

'How do you go about it? How do you talk to your consultant or your investment manager about the values you want to express in your investments? How do they show up in your governance, policies, and mandates? Sometimes the financial industry itself can be complex and, frankly, intimidating. How do you address that as a faith-based asset owner?  

'At FaithInvest we understand those challenges. We have worked with many organisations on this challenge of faith-consistent investing, and we're here to help you.' 

At a time when the climate crisis presents pressing challenges and the Sustainable Development Goals set ambitious targets, the intent and strategy behind our investments has become more crucial than ever, according to FaithInvest CEO Dr Lorna Gold. 

'Faith and finance, often seen as separate spheres, have tremendous potential when combined. Our aim is to help faith investors to realise that their investments can be a powerful expression of their faith and, when faith-aligned, can help to create a more just and sustainable world,' she said. 

'Ethical and sustainable investing is gaining traction worldwide. Faith communities, with their vast assets and commitment to bettering the world, play a crucial role in this movement. Our goal is to ensure that faith-based investors feel empowered, confident, and equipped to make investment decisions that reflect their beliefs.’ 

1 Faith-based investing on the rise as world grows more chaotic, Investment News, 3 Nov 2023 

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