Century-Old Church to Be Rebuilt in Tianjin

Tianjin Cangmenkou Church
Tianjin Cangmenkou Church (photo: CCC&TSPM)
By Wang YujiuJune 30th, 2016

Founded in the 1860s, the Tianjin Cangmenkou Church finally holds its reconstruction ceremony on June 21, a decade after the rebuilding proposal was raised and approved in 2006. 

The proposal requesting for the reconstruction and enlargement of the church was presented under the leadership of the deceased pastor, Rev. Chen, the ex-chairman and president of Tianjin CCC&TSPM. 

Located in the downtown, the century-old church was established in 1862 by the United States Congregational Church and burned down by Boxer Rebellion Movement. In October 1910, it was renovated to become a church belonging to the Chinese, separating it from the foreign mission.

With the rising congregation going to the church, the church was enlarged in 1932 and completed two years later. The wife of the famous general Zhang Zhijiang held the opening ceremony. Zhang Boling, a famous educator, was elected as the chairman and Song Zejiu, a renowned businessman, was in charge of the church affairs.

After the reform and the reopening of the church, the old-down church became a dangerous building which was affected by the surrounding construction. 

Rev. Mao Yajun, the deputy chairman and president of the city CCC&TSPM, the church staff and the believers attended the reconstruction ceremony.

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