Mochoulu Church of Nanking to Celebrate Her 80th Anniv. with Revival Gathering

Mochou Road Church, Nanjing, Jiangsu
Mochou Road Church, Nanjing, Jiangsu (photo: Mochou Road Church)
By Yang YiAugust 29th, 2016

To memorize the 80th anniversary of the church, the Christian Mochoulu church in Nanking, Captital city of Jiangsu province will hold a revival gathering named "Jesus Christ -- the Foundation of the church" in September 9th , 2016. 

The church is said to take this opportunity to help more believers to know more about the truth, let them know Jesus Christ is the foundation of church and the Lord give church deputy and missions.

Mochoulu church's origional name was Hanzhong church, whose predecessor was "Four poles chapel" set by North American Presbyterian in 1882. In 1934, the chapel was teared down due to the Mochou Road's broadenness, and then was rebuilt in 1936.

Intro of Mochoulu Church

The gospel was brought to Nanjing from Suzhou early in 1867 by George Duncan of the China Inland Mission. Due to the language barrier, it did not bear fruits well. Later, Albert Whiting and Charles Leaman of the Presbyterian Church USA came to preach the good news in 1873 and 1874. They successfully built the first church in 1876, called "Four Poles', with a capacity of 100 people. They also helped found the famous Nanking Girl's Boarding School (Also called Mingde School) in 1884. Leaman build a formal church opposite to Mingde School in 1888, called 'Jesus Church,' which had a larger capacity of 400 people. The first Chinese pastor of the church was Rev. Sun Xisheng(孙喜圣), who came from the Shandong Presbyterian Church in 1910. He served the church for 17 years. Jesus Church was renamed Hanzhong Church in 1927. The church building was torn down in 1934 because the road was widened, but a two story evangelistic center was built in its place.

Rev. Paul Abbott (鲍忠)who arrived in Nanjing in 1936 rebuilt Hanzhong Church in the Gothic style we see today, with a capacity of 1000 people. The church was designed by Elder. Chen Yuhua, the younger brother of Mr. Chen Yuguang, the president at that time of Jinling University [the University of Nanking]. The famous Christian general Feng Yuxiang inscribed the words on the corner stone, 'The foundation is Jesus Christ', while the calligraphy for 'Hanzhong Church ' was written by another general, Zhang Zhijiang. The church building foundation was laid on August 4th, 1936 and the building was completed in 1942.

During that period, the church served as a refugee center to protect many people from the invading Japanese Army. Rev. Paul was head of the church till 1949.   

Hanzhong church was renamed Mochou Road Church in 1954. Multi-denominational services began in the four main churches in Nanjing, including Mochou Road Church, in 1958, with Rev. Li Ji'an in charge. During the Cultural Revolution, the church was closed. However, the main building was preserved because it was a temporary printing and storage site for Chairman Mao's Selected Works.

The church was finally reopened in 1980 as a result of the re-implementation of the Religious Freedom Policy by the local government. Rev. Xu Enci and other senior brothers and sisters restored the church, using the memories as a guide.   

There have been four senior pastors of the church since its reopening, namely Rev. Han Bide (1980-1990), Rev. Wu Fangzhong (1990-1992), Rev. Xu Enci (1992-1995) and Rev. Li Lancheng (1995- ). Many other famous pastors and elders have often preached at our church over the past three decades, such as Bishop K. H. Ting, Dr. Han Wenzao, Mr. Xu Rulei, Rev. Chen Zemin, Ms. Jiang Peifen, Presbyter Ji Jianhong, Ms. Bi Yongqin, Rev. Fan Peiji, Elder Lei Zhibo, Rev. Luo Zhenfang, Rev. Guo Yue, Rev. Wang Weifan, Rev. Zhao Zhi'en, Rev. Bao Jiayuan, Rev. Lin De'en, Rev. Wang Xiuxian, Rev. Wang Aiming, Rev. Gao Ying and Rev. Zhou Yongjian.

There are currently six full time staff members serving the church, including two women who are recent graduates of Nanjing Union Theological Seminary. The church administrative committee takes the main responsibility for running the church. Rev. Li Lancheng is the newly elected director of the committee, working closely with the ten other members and six advisors. Under the committee, there are four departments: Ministry, Administration, Finance and Training.    The church now has 4,000 members, attending nine different services and gatherings during the week. About 2,000 people regularly attend Sunday services. Baptism is held twice a year, once before Christmas and one before Easter. Holy Communion is held every two months, as well as at Christmas and Easter. 30 teams have been set up to take care of the daily affairs organized by the four departments mentioned above.

The church serves believers under the guidance of the Three-Self Principles (self government, self support and self propagation) and the slogan "Love the country, and love the church; glorify God and benefit the people." The church cares for and serves people in need, so as to contribute to the construction of a harmonious society. 

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