Hubei CC&TSPM Releases Anti-Coronavirus Donation Info

Chongzhen Church of Wuchang,Wuhan
Chongzhen Church of Wuchang,Wuhan
By Yi YangFebruary 17th, 2020

On February 13, the Hubei Christian Council and Three-self Patriot Movement and  (CC&TSPM) announced the donation information pertaining to anti-epidemic efforts on their official website.

As of February 7, the churches throughout the province have donated more than 670,000 yuan through the provincial charity association and other channels. Hubei CC&TSPM have also solicited donations of nearly 4.4 million yuan, as well as materials such test kits worth more than 8 million yuan from enterprises and individuals outside of Hubei. Hubei CC and Zhong Nan Theological Seminary received donations of 470,000 yuan and 25,350 masks from individuals, which have been successively transferred to relevant epidemic prevention and control units. Subsequent donations of materials and funds are ongoing.

On January 23,Hubei CC&TSPM issued a "Notice on Proper Arrangement of Meetings in the Provincial Churches During the New Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic Period", requiring all Christian churches, sites and temporary venues within the jurisdiction of Wuhan City to suspend opening and carrying out all activities of worshiping and gathering from the 23rd. It is required that the venues outside Wuhan should also reduce gathering, and be equipped with various disinfection facilities to maintain disinfection of places and urge people to be equipped with necessary protective equipment such as masks, disinfectant alcohol, etc. At the same time, they called on the Christian pastoral workers and church members in the province to use WeChat and QQ and other modern communication equipment to pray together for the epidemic without meeting.

On February 1, it published another notice requesting that all churches in the province suspend their opening and stop all kinds of collective worship and gathering activities. All churches should implement a duty system and an epidemic reporting system, conduct epidemic investigation in a feasible way, report any case of infection, and urge infected ones to seek medical treatment in time, encourage Christians to practice spiritual life at home, to pray persistently for the country and the people.

On February 13, four detailed lists of donations was released from the provincial-level CC&TSPM, covering donations from churches in the province, and anti-epidemic donations from other provinces coordinated by their various provincial CC&TSPM .

In addition, on February 11, the provincial CC&TSPM issued a notice asking churches to report infection with the new coronavirus. The notice first mentioned the death of Brother Hong Ling due to infection with new coronavirus pneumonia. Then the document read: "in order to let the provincial CC&TSPM clarify the situation of churches during the epidemic and pay attention to Christians who have gotten sick, everyone is urged to report to local churches on a daily basis so that the provincial CC&TSPM stays informed in case any Christian is infected or dies from the infection. Please report any information you have to the provincial CC&TSPM in a timely manner...Since churches throughout the country have provided condolence payments, the provincial CC&TSPM will make arrangements for consolation."

-Translated by Lin Changfeng

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