Hebei Church Holds Online Services again

Bethel Church in Baoding, Hebei Province
Bethel Church in Baoding, Hebei Province (photo: WeChat of Baoding Song of Songs Vocal Band)
By Yi YangJanuary 15th, 2021

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, Baoding churches in China's northern Hebei Province have suspended all in-person gathering activities, switching over to webcasting services since January 4.

The Baoding Christian Council (CC) issued a notice on its WeChat account, instructing the believers to participate in online Sunday services and Bible study gatherings.

The Baoding CC&TSPM released an announcement to restart the measures of “two suspensions” to protect the believers and pastors and implement the guidelines of the national, provincial and municipal meetings.

From January 4, the document claimed, "all churches in the city were required to implement the measures, which referred to closing the religious places and suspending the collective religious activities." The announcement said no site or individual might open venues or organize group activities before receiving the resumption notice. During the suspension period, the churches could adopt accessible methods to shepherd, care for and guide believers."

They also required those who recently returned from high-risk areas to read and pray at home and observe self-isolation.

"With enough materials for pandemic prevention and control, each church should disinfect all areas, keeping internal doors open and the environment clean and tidy", it said.

The Baoding CC&TSPM called on the congregation to read the Bible at home and pray for the peace of country and the fighting against COVID-19, though in-person gatherings were suspended.

(The original article is published by Gospel Times.)

-Translated by Abigail Wu

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