Celebrity Singer Raises Money and Prepares to Rebuild a Primary School for Anhua, Hunan

Fan Weiqi
Fan Weiqi
By Mubo LiOctober 14th, 2015

Fan Weiqi, known as Fan Fan, a Chinese American, is a famous Taiwan singer, actor and the founder of Love Life campaign .

Fan Weiqi, together with Inman Tmall Store and Guangzhou Youth Developmental Foundation, is preparing to build a primary school for poor students from Fengxing, Anhua, Hunan, and she calls on compassionate people to join.

This public service activity provides four-level participation: donating five yuan, ninety-nine yuan, one hundred and thirty-nine yuan and two hundred and sixty-nine yuan. People who take in different level participation will receive different gifts, which are a Thank-you email from Fan Weiqi, a "Lotus'Dream" sweater and a customized postcard by Fan, a sweater of the same style as Fan's and a customized postcard by Fan, a wool coat offered by Inman store and a customized postcard by Fan respectivey.

Inman, a brand for linen and cotton, provides 5000 clothes for this activity and will donate 500,000 yuan to the students.

Fengxing Primary School decided to reconstruct in 2011 and has received money from the society. Right now, the aiding construction program still has a financial gap of 500,000 yuan.




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