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Christian Singer Shawn Rolling Shares Testimony in a Music Concert

Christian Singer Shawn Rolling Shares Testimony in a Music Concert

Christian Singer Shawn Rolling Christian Singer Shawn Rolling(Shawn Rolling Blog)
ByElsie Hu June 23, 2016
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Christian Singer Shawn Rolling or Xiong Rulin, the winner of a CCTV singer contest, shared his testimony regarding faith during a music concert held in Qibao Abundant Church June 18 in Shanghai.

While singing five hymns like What A Friend We Have In Jesus, he said that he's the first generation Christian in his family. He heard many songs including classical music and hymns like "Hallelujah" throughout his childhood under the nurture guidance of his grandparent, who studied in a Christian music school.

In his eyes, that was the blessing and gift God prepared for him - an amiable grandfather who opened a door to Christianity.

He confessed that he really began to believe in the Lord in 2002. Although he read the Bible in the past, he regarded the scripture as a story and literature.

In that year God moved Xiong. One day, he suddenly felt a hand grasping him in his heart while driving. Waiting for the red light at the crossing, there came a sound, "I know all your grievances."

At that moment, he parked the car at the side of the road then wailed for the joy and grace he felt at that moment. Since then, he began to change himself and became a Christian.

He said that the Holy Spirit has protected him and prepared for him in ups and downs of life throughout the years. Although there are frustrations in life, he said with a smile that he has been trained with the corresponding skills to face these troubles and grown up in the process.

Recalling the past, he really thanked God for the guidance and his assistance for his growth.

About the Xiong Rulin:

During 2003 and 2006, Xiong Rulin studied in Ashland University, Ohio and Berklee College of Music, Boston. His college major is jazz. After came back from USA, he attended a singer contest. Finally, he won. Then, he became a Chinese singer. In 2007, Chinese music company published his first song Invincible(天下无敌).

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