Amity Foundation Launched 'Love's the Best Voice' Campaign on World Autism Awareness Day

The campaign with the theme of “Love’s The Best Voice” held in Nanjing
The campaign with the theme of “Love’s The Best Voice” held in Nanjing
By Ruth WangApril 6th, 2017

On April 2, 2017, the 10th World Autism Awareness Day was celebrated. In light of the celebrations, the Amity Foundation launched a campaign with the theme of "Love's The Best Voice" together with a radio broadcast station, the Nanjing Metro and the Nanjing branch of China Post in Nanjing, Jiangsu.

The China Post made special postcards where paintings created by autistic children are printed as the backdrop. Some normal children wrote down their blessings to this vulnerable group, who are also called "children from the stars", on the postcards. In addition, poems were recited and through radio by volunteers and famous radio hosts in the subway station.

According to the official website of the foundation, Ms. Wang, the director of the Amity Development Center for Children, says, "We cannot replace them and it is difficult to feel their pain. But, at least we can, today and hopefully every day in the future, strive to create a warm social environment. When the world shows love, the Children from the Stars are no longer alone."

Autism in children is a neuro-developmental disorder, with the cause is still unknown, according to the Foundation. There is no effective treatment for this disease and children suffering from autism can only fit into the world through rehabilitation. 

- Translated by Karen Luo

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