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Three Christians' Personal Testimonies

Three Christians' Personal Testimonies

A picture show Jesus' hand moving to the other hand A picture show Jesus' hand moving to the other hand(jidutusheji)
ByXiao Zuo September 15, 2022
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What does faith in Jesus really do? Everyone who has experienced the grace of God can give an answer. In our role as grassroots ministers, we often witness the impact that Jesus has had on some people.

Three believers share their personal experiences to illustrate what faith in Jesus means to them.

One brother, before he followed Jesus, liked to gamble and could not keep any money on him, so whenever he had a little money, he would take it and use it for gambling. In order to gamble, he would even take or steal money from his family, relatives, and friends. Whenever he had money on him, he would take it for gambling, and if he didn't have money, he would try to get it.

Since he had been gambling for several years, even though his wife and parents worked outside the home doing general labor jobs to earn money for the family, the whole family was still suffering and destitute. He was desperate and his family could no longer survive because of his gambling when he remembered the Jesus Christ whom his mother believed in. He decided to attend church, and he was touched by God there and confessed his sins and determined to follow Jesus. Since then, he has completely changed and has never been involved in gambling again. 

Another brother told his testimony during the sermon. From his testimony, we learned that he first followed his mother's belief in another god, and then after an incident, he turned to Jesus. 

Before this brother became a Christian, he had a sickness and was not cured in the hospital, and his own god could not cure him either. Even though he and his family were very pious and made vows to their god, the god seemed indifferent. When his condition was getting worse, his neighbor preached the gospel to him again, and he tried to believe in Jesus. Surprisingly, he gradually recovered from his sickness after attending church. With a passion for Jesus, he has followed Jesus with determination, becoming a volunteer preacher.

I would like to share with you another story about a sister who had a difficult marriage. She was born after the founding of the People’s Republic of China. After a little contact, you could feel that she was a sister with a strong opinion, although she wasn't big and had only spent a short time in school. However, the marriage of this sister was unhappy. It was an arranged marriage, and despite the years they had been married, she had no feelings for her husband. The general ability of her husband was weak, but he liked to point fingers at others, especially at his wife. He was always talking about her, which annoyed her. She said in her testimony that if she had not been a person of Christian faith, she would have committed suicide many times, and whenever she wanted to commit suicide, she would have thought of her Christian faith and her children. It was also because of the Christian faith that she stopped herself from doing many foolish things. Therefore, she said, "Looking back and thinking about it, I'm very thankful to have been chosen by God and to not have done foolish things."

The grace of Jesus is still there, People will receive abundant life as long as they draw near to Jesus and rely on Him.

- Tranlated by Richard Zou

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