Girl Who Once Contemplated Patricide Forgives Abusive Father

A man threatens a scared woman at home.
A man threatens a scared woman at home. (photo:
By RuowangDecember 29th, 2023

In traditional Chinese culture, filial piety holds great importance, emphasized even in the Ten Commandments as the basis for human relationships. Yet, real-life tragedies of conflict between parents and children, leading to filicide or attempted filicide, are not uncommon. One Christian woman named Li once harbored thoughts of killing her father but never acted upon them.

Li lived in a major northern city. Her father, who was diligent in managing the household, suffered from heavy work stress, long-term alcoholism, and some mental health issues, often resulting in irrational behavior.

After every bout of drinking, he would lash out at Li and her mother. During Li's high school years, as her body developed, her intoxicated father once attempted to sexually abuse her. Fortunately, her mother intervened, but she was severely injured in the process.

This incident led Li to contemplate killing her father. She even bought rat poison to lace his meal and considered ending her own life later. However, her mother discovered her plans and vehemently persuaded her against committing such a drastic act.

Consequently, Li left her parents and lived with her grandmother until she graduated from university. Her father, who had struggled with alcoholism for years, also had several other illnesses. Despite this, Li harbored deep-seated hatred toward him. Even when her father's life was in danger, she refused to visit him in the hospital.

Despite her unfortunate childhood, Li excelled academically and eventually found a good job. Her boss at the company happened to be a Christian. Over time, they developed a close relationship, becoming confidants.

Her boss shared the gospel with Li, emphasizing the profound love of Jesus. Lacking paternal love since childhood, Li swiftly embraced the gospel and became actively involved in church service.

Years later, one sleepless night, a voice compelled Li to reconcile with her father and forgive his faults. Despite resisting these feelings for several days, it was difficult for her to deny the overpowering force.

Li then prayed quietly, reflecting on the past thirty years. She realized immense work pressure led him to seek solace in alcohol as a release. Coupled with some mental health issues, his actions were often unconscious. Yet, he deeply cared for her, investing all his savings in her education, which enabled her to graduate from university.

Moreover, after quitting alcohol due to illness, he gradually stopped abusing her mother. Therefore, she intended to reconcile while her father was still alive and mend their relationship.

Following that Sunday service, she returned to her family's home after thirteen years of separation. During lunch, she had a heart-to-heart conversation with her aging father, sharing her experiences from the past decade. That very night, her father apologized for his mistakes, promising to change for the better.

The family reunited, and Li's parents also converted to the Lord, regularly attending the church's senior fellowship every week.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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