China Churches Set Up 'Theology Day' in November

The announcement from Fujian CCC&TSPM for "Day for Theology"
The announcement from Fujian CCC&TSPM for "Day for Theology" (photo: Fujian CC&TSPM)
By Issarchar LiNovember 9th, 2015

The second Sunday of November has been named "Theology Sunday" and is scheduled by Shandong churches. Recently Shandong CCC&TSPM held a meeting that mobilized Shandong churches to pray for and donate to the Shandong Theological Seminary.

Theology Sunday or Theology Day is set up for seminaries when churches pray for and give all the donations collected that day to seminaries.

Shandong CC&TSPM states that the funds donated on Sunday for Theology are one of the main financial resources for the running of the Shandong CCC&TSPM and Shandong Theological College.

Fujian CC&TSPM put this year’s Nov. 7-8 as the "Day for Theology," a time when Fujian churches pray for and donate to the Fujian Theological College. Publishing the announcement, they called the churches and alumni to pray for the activity and make donations.

Fujian CC&TSPM and Fujian Theological Seminary both published the announcement that the theology education of Fujian churches is at a turning point in history and currently the Fujian Theological Seminary has shifted its working focus (hardware equipment construction) to exploring software, mainly working on promoting teaching reformation and management, strengthening teacher introduction and further study and opening extension courses for believers.

Hubei CC&TSPM also published an announcement to order all the CCC&TSPM of each city and Hubei churches to donate funds on the first Sunday of November to support this theology education.

Shanghai churches put the third Sabbath and the third Sunday of every March as the Donation Day for Theology Education for East China Theological College (ECTC). In those two days, the Shanghai churches prayed and donated funds to ECTC as the school-running fund. 

The first Sundays of every March and October are the days when the churches in the ten provinces and autonomous regions of North China and the Northwest pray for the theology education of Yanjing Theological Seminary (YTS) and give all the donations to YTS as funds for theology education. The tradition has lasted 29 years since YTS started running again in 1986.

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