New Church Rebuilt in Quake-Affected Area of Nepal, Aided by Chinese Foundations

Nepalese children celebrates the Nepalese new year and the inguration of the new church
Nepalese children celebrates the Nepalese new year and the inguration of the new church (photo: Amity Foundation)
By Yi YangApril 26th, 2016

Bethel Assembly Church, reconstructed in the community of Bhaktapur, the quake-affected area of Nepal, held the inauguration ceremony on April 13, 2016, almost one year after the April 2015 Nepal earthquake. 

Aided by the Jiangsu Christian Charity Fund and the Amity Foundation, the reconstructed church also has specialized activity rooms to provide service to children in the assembly.

Just nearly one year ago, the 7.9-magnitude earthquake stroke the western part of Kathmandu, the capital of the country, resulting in over 8000 deaths and 21000 injuries. the people suffered tremendous losses of money, houses and roads.

Amity joined in the international rescue with ACT Alliance the first time.  Besides, Chinese churches held prayer meetings for and raised donations to Nepal.
In addition, Amity participated in the efforts to assist the transitional arrangement in the quake areas of Nepal and post-disaster reconstruction, including providing residential tools, material and household necessities used to build temporary houses.

Moreover, there are several women development teams in the rebuilt communities Amity helps. Back to Nepal, they has made rules to discuss the following development.

Until April 22, 2016, the charitable organization has raised about 8 million yuan. It is estimated that it has paid 7.25 million yuan on the reconstruction project of the church and another post-disaster project on recovering the basic equipments and development of the livelihood of the communities in Nepal.

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