Strange Phenomena Appeared in Church History

The believers gather in a Sunday service
The believers gather in a Sunday service
By Alice WangSeptember 5th, 2016

Some strange phenomena always happen in the church since early church history no matter how we watch and pray.

People treat others in a stricter way than God does 

There are always numerous problems with a church where a group of sinners called by God gather. People in the church scramble for power and profit. However, churches still develop under God's guidance for the past two thousand years. But people treat others more strictly than God does. Everything that happens in today's church happened in the past as well in similar circumstances.

This kind of judgment is popular in the church: How can you be a Christian before being a good man? Or: The man carries no better than a non-believer! These people hold that faith can elevate one's behavior and then some claim that they can't have Christian faith because Christianity requires very high standards.  

Consider that group of men who were often blamed in the New Testament: the Pharisees. In the name of faith, they asked themselves to first be good men and then become Pharisees. 

We Exaggerate Roles Famous Pastors or Preachers Play

Countless volunteers do innumerable work in the church and we can't remember their names. Actually, we always exaggerate many roles for a certain renowned pastor or preacher as they play their mission, but the truth is that anonymous preachers are real heralds of the Gospel in terms of numbers or their mission scope.

The real life of saints may not be recorded in history, but it blooms and withers in a place unseen like a lily in a valley. This illustrates that the major work of the church depends on volunteers when they lack preachers. A single co-worker can't cover everything and a pastor remains a person no matter how he works hard.

Churches need more devotion like lilies in the valley.

Christianity stresses ethics, but not moral religion

Christianity stresses on morality and ethics, which is not a moral religion yet. It includes morality that is not a religion. It emphasizes on ethics that covers only the parts taught in Christianity, that while a mature Christian has a good ethical behavior, it doesn't mean that it reflects one's conduct well. 

Money, power and sex --- temptations the church cannot get rid of 

Before the reform and opening up policy, the church in China face the biggest temptations: power, money and sex (the sequence represents its intensity). Currently, it is tempted by money, power and sex. With money, official titles, even priesthood, can be bought and sold.  

God regards men equal, while men view each other snobbishly 

Men are all equal in the eyes of God, while people regard others snobbishly. As a result, so does a church on how they see another church.

Church development is influenced by the politics, economy and culture of where it is located. The churches in developed countries may be overrated by those in developing nations and vice versa. Actually, the churches in developing areas may be more vigorous than that in the developed ones. The latter is more easier to be infected by secularization.

Being religious does not equal to being well-bred 

Christians should never ignore their upbringing and the church is required to teach members to know the social norms and enhance their cultivation and education.

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