Seminary Graduates Leave Church for "Finding no Position to Serve"

Students of Nanjing Union Theological Seminary present a chorus
Students of Nanjing Union Theological Seminary present a chorus (photo: Nanjing Union Theological Seminary )
By CCD contributor: John ZhangSeptember 13th, 2016

There goes a saying of Descartes: I think, therefore I am. This refers to "a sense of existence" in mentality. If we lack the so-called sense of existence like more and more people can't feel existence on some online platforms, we will be filled with disappointment and apathy. In the workplace, both the new comers and seniors will get "existence" as long as they find their positions. Otherwise, they will leave for the positions are not secured. 

Illness for the novices has always been "not able to find the right position". They who can't find their positions are spinning like a top, doing what they are told to do. If the situation lasts, a feeling of failure and discrepancy appear in their hearts. The passive jobs are listed as one of the source of uncomfortableness in the workplace. So is the freshman in the church. 

A comment on WeChat, an online communication platform, says, "I suggested to my classmate who graduated from Nanjing Union Theological Seminary to serve in his local church. He returned  and said to me that while it turned out that the church didn't ask him anything but let him do nothing, fearing that he might take another's position. I would like to say that there is no poor church but poor thought."

A legend that Union Seminary produces gifted talents and fair ladies is popular in the church, but why can't a talent stay in his hometown church? Why does a prophet have no honor in his own country?  Let's analyze the comment:

1. This graduate studied in a famous seminary and has a burden to serve his local church.

2. He was left desolated after being back in the hometown.

3. The church refused to give the same respect to his ministry.

4. It reveals a position battle that shows he may threaten others' status

5. Should a church squeeze out a good co-worker or give way?

6. You may worry the comprehensive qualifies and mind of the church leader.

7. The church leader has limited management foresight and thought pattern.

8. Poverty doesn't belong to one of the features of a church or is not the cause to push talents aside .

9. There are thousand of miles between dream and reality.

10. The graduate doesn't have the consciousness to compete for a title

11. He left the church because no suitable position was found. 

Then let's look at whether his leaving affects the local church. It seems that the church ministry didn't stagnate due to his absence but the church did suffer a loss for it. Compared with a man who doesn't receive any theological training, a worker who has been trained with theology must have a higher and more profound influence in the areas including truth declarement, nurturing and spiritual management, similar to a key figure contrast with a person without learning. 

Ridiculously,  the church allows the incapable and unprofessional workers to take the place of capable and professional ones. As far as effectiveness is concerned, the church loses; it also causes a loss to God seen from God's eternal plan.

These phenomena become inured to the unusual in the church with disordered ministries. The disorder represents in that "all-round talents" engage in everything, which is not good. The church should make reasonable and unified arrangement on the ministries, such as arranging seminary graduates and preachers to take charge of the related positions.  Then they feel existence, never minding the low salaries or heavy work. The ministry shall prosper once they are single-minded on it.

In the recent years, the phenomenon of losing many believers appear repeatedly in the Chinese church, especially that some rural churches turn into "gatherings for the aged"! I cannot see any signal of revival in a church whose members are all seniors. Thus the church management must make rational disposition and commission to believers so that they engage in the ministries as volunteer workers that fill the talent pool and also avoid the draining. 

Don't always claim that those seminary graduates who leave love the world or belong to the team of Demas or that believers who work outside the church bite the hand that feeds you. I believe that most people who love God will be pleased to serve although they may live harder and work more as long as the church can provide positions for graduates and believers.  Those who truly love the Lord leave the church not because of some bucks but because of finding no position for themselves. 

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