Jiangsu Yancheng Zhendao Church Dedicated

The congregation attends the dedication ceremony of Zhendao Church
The congregation attends the dedication ceremony of Zhendao Church (photo: Photo Provided to CCD)
By Yi YangNovember 10th, 2016

Recently Zhendao Church of Yancheng, Jiangsu, held the dedication Service in its newly-built Chapel. A total of more than 1000 people, including coworkers and believers from Shanghai and Jiangsu Province, participated in the activity.

According to the report by Zhendao Church, the dedication was hosted by Pastor Gu Baozhang, the senior pastor of Zhendao Church. Citing 1 Chr 29:1-9, Pastor Yu Song, Chairman of Jiangyan CCCTSPM, delivered the message with the title of the Work is Great. The members of the church choir of Zhendao Church performed dance and recited poetry.

The church was founded in 2006 when its first gathering was held in brother Zhang Longhua’s home. With the number of believers gradually increasing, houses used for the activity were rented twice successively. In the meantime, application for expropriating land was submitted to the government. In August 2009, relevant department transferred 10.99 mu of the land between south of the bus station of Yancheng City and north of Gaocheng Jinshuiwan Garden in the development zone to the church with a price of CNY1.04 million.

In April 2010, the church built relevant supporting facilities such as temporary meeting place, office occupancy and accessory occupancy on the new land to use them as occupancies to conduct activities during the preparation period of building the church. On May 1st of the same year, it moved into a temporary church, ending the history of conducting activities by renting rooms outside.

The main body of the new church has four floors, while the local part has seven. With a total building area of 4463.9 m², the church has a cross whose top is 47.7 meters above the ground. With a European architectural style, the church is equipped with modern facilities and can simultaneously accommodate 2000 people for gathering. It is a multi–functional church integrating gathering and handling official business.


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