Heilongjiang Theological Seminary Students Perform the Pauline Epistles in Different Forms

The seminarians perform the program "the Pauline Epistles"
The seminarians perform the program "the Pauline Epistles"
By Jotham Dai November 25th, 2016

Recently, the sophomore students of Heilongjiang Theological School performed the Pauline Epistles as musicals, traditional plays, touring groups, and other forms to reenact the life of Paul and his three missionary journeys.

According to the WeChat(Chinese social media) of Olive Mountain Theological Base, the sophomore students were divided into four groups. The first group performed religious plays where students dressed like the old Pharisee Saul, the gentle and humble Paul after he was blinded by God's light, and Stephen who professed Christ no matter what. They also reproduced the scenes of Paul and Silas singing hymns in prison. The second group used the method of touring with one student playing the tour guide as they traveled through all the cities in Paul's first missionary journey. The third and fourth groups performed in musicals and traditional plays respectively to show Paul's missionary journeys.

The breakthrough of teaching methods enriched the students' knowledge and lit their passion for learning. 

Translated By: Grace Hubl

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